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How to Make More Sales on Vinted: Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales
By Becky Rothwell profile image Becky Rothwell
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How to Make More Sales on Vinted: Tips and Tricks to Increase Sales

Want to increase your sales on Vinted? Check out these tips for boosting your sales performance!

We've all been there, a pile of clothes you've taken photos of, and uploaded to vinted, but no one seems to be buying them. I know, it's frustrating. However, selling clothes on Vinted can be a great way to make some extra money.

If you are looking to make more sales on Vinted? You're in luck! In this blog post, I will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you increase your sales. We'll go over how to create an appealing listing, how to market your products effectively, and how to handle customer inquiries. So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there should be something for everyone!

Make sure to list all your items in the correct categories

The first step to making more sales on Vinted is to list your items in the correct categories. This may seem like common sense, but it's actually something a lot of people get wrong. When you're listing your clothes, make sure to take a look at the categories that are available and choose the one that best matches your item. For example, if you're selling a dress, you would list it in the 'Clothes' category, not the 'Accessories' category.

If you're selling items online, it's important to list them in the correct categories. This will help potential buyers find your items more easily, and it can also lead to more sales. When listing items, take some time to research the best category for each item. You may need to experiment with different categories to find the one that gets the most views or generates the most interest. Once you've found the right category for each item, make sure to list items in that category consistently to ensure that potential buyers can always find what they're looking for. By taking the time to list items correctly, you can help increase your chances of making a sale.

Take clear, well-lit pictures of your clothes

Photos sell your items. It's as easy as that. The photos are the first thing any potential buyer will see of your items.

When I take photos of my clothes, I use a ring light with a well-lit and plain background - this way it's easy to see the clothes' natural colours and any imperfections. Even if you don't fancy buying a ring light, make sure to take them in a well-lit area. Natural light is the best type for photos. If you're taking pictures indoors, use a window as your light source. And if you're taking pictures outside, try to find an area that's not in direct sunlight so your colours don't get washed out.

Also, try to avoid using the flash. The flash can create harsh shadows and reflections on clothing. If you do use the flash, make sure to turn it off when taking close-ups of your clothes.

Once you've taken some well-lit photos of your clothes, it's time to upload them to your listing. Make sure to use all the available photo slots - this way potential buyers can get a good idea of what your clothes look like from all angles.

Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free

Nobody wants to buy clothes that are dirty or wrinkled. Nobody ever wants that. Before you take pictures of your clothes, make sure to give them a quick wash and iron them. This will help them look their best in the photos and increase the likelihood of someone buying them.

If you're selling second-hand clothes, it's especially important to make sure they're clean. This will help them look their best and also ensure that potential buyers don't have any allergies to the fabric. If you're not sure how to wash a particular item of clothing, there are plenty of resources online that can help you out.

Write detailed descriptions of each item

When you're writing your descriptions, make sure to be as descriptive as possible. This will help give potential buyers a better idea of what they're buying. Don't under/over exaggerate an item or a defect, be as honest as possible. After all, if the seller isn't happy with the item, or feels misled, you'll know about it!

In addition, list the size and any other important information about the item. For example, if the dress is a size small but has a loose fit, mention that in the description. This will help potential buyers decide if the item is right for them.

A detailed description helps to build trust between the seller and the buyer. By being honest and providing as much information as possible, both parties can feel confident in the transaction. I'm sure you've experienced it yourself, I feel alot more comfortable in purchasing an item at has a good description, it doesn't have to be pages long, just enough for the buyer to fully understand the item.

Price your clothes fairly and competitively

Nobody wants to pay more for an item they can get for less. When you're pricing your clothes, make sure to do some research on what similar items are selling for. This way, you can price your clothes fairly and competitively. Vinted usually gives guidance on what similar items are selling for - use this as an indication!

Also, take into account the condition of the item. If it's a brand new item in perfect condition, then you can price it at a higher price point than an item that's been worn a few times. Keep in mind the RRP and how sought after the item is. You're more likely to get a better price for something that is sold out or limited edition.

Use the 'Bundle' feature

The bundle feature is a great way to sell multiple items at once. When potential buyers see that you're selling multiple items together, they're more likely to buy them. This is because they can save on shipping costs and it's more convenient for them. Sometimes offering a bundle means the buyer will get a discount if two or more items are brought.

When you're creating your listing, make sure to add the bundle feature. This can be found in the 'Selling Tools' section of Vinted.

Ship items quickly

Obviously, it doesn't mean you need to ship the item the same day. But try to be punctual, it's much appreciated by the buyer.

When you're shipping the item, make sure to use good quality packaging material. This will help ensure that the item arrives safely and in the same condition as when it left your hands. You can also include a note with your name and contact information. This way, if there are any issues with the item when it's received, the buyer can easily get in touch with you.

When the buyer receives the item in the same condition you described and in a timely manner, they're more likely to leave a positive review and recommend you to their friends.

If something does go wrong, make sure to communicate with the buyer and try to resolve the situation as best as possible.

Respond to messages promptly

No one likes to be left hanging or having unanswered questions.

When you're selling on Vinted, it's important to respond to messages promptly. This will help ensure that buyers are able to get in touch with you easily if they have any questions or concerns. It will also help to build trust between the seller and the buyer.

If you're going to be unavailable for a period of time, make sure to let your buyers know. This way, they won't feel like they're being ignored - I put my profile on holiday mode when I know I won't be around to answer questions or fulfill orders.

Leave Reviews

One of the best ways to help out a seller/buyer on Vinted is to leave them a review. Not only does this give them valuable feedback, but it also helps other potential buyers to make informed decisions. When writing a review, be as honest as possible. If you had a positive experience, mention what you liked about the seller and the transaction. If you had a negative experience, gently explain what could have been improved. Either way, your reviews will be helpful to both the seller and other members of the Vinted community.

Selling clothes on Vinted can be a great way to make some extra money. But, it's not as easy as just slapping up a few listings and waiting for the sales to roll in. By following these tips, you'll be able to make more sales and increase your chances of making a profit. Good luck! :)

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